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When it comes to copy, you've got about five seconds to be outstanding. If you don't say something worth remembering in those five seconds, you're toast.  

Your copy needs to bite the reader, and bite them hard—like Jaws meets Cujo meets T-Rex hard.  

And when those teeth come down, they can't let go. You need to keep them reading from the first word to the "Buy Now" button.

Fortunately, you don't need to worry about writing that kind of copy because you have us.

We're Mallard Creatives and we're fired up to have you here.

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Areas of Expertise

Financial Services

Consumers take their money seriously—very seriously—but that does't mean your sales and marketing content needs to be lifeless. We can help you engage and excite potential clients like never before whether you're working as an lender, broker, planner, or something else entirely. It's about helping prospects understand the unique impact you can have on their lives. 

Healthcare + Wellness

Human bodies are systems–and so is the healthcare ecosphere. Of course, they’re both insanely complex structures that combine competing approaches, countless interests, and copious technologies (too often outmoded). How do you explain your company’s role within these–and simultaneously inspire your reader to act?

Legal Services

Lawyers are great writers—they're just the wrong kind of writer when it comes to sales and marketing. Believe it or not, the skills you used to write those amazing case briefs in law school are pretty useless when it comes to convincing people to spend money with you and your firm. No, our writing won't help you win over any juries, but it will help you win over wallets—guaranteed.  


Your new platform, software, app, or device is going to change the world. It’s innovative, elegant, and effective—but your writing? Not so much. Maybe you get stuck describing features, spouting tech jargon, or explaining the exact genius of your offering. Your tech won’t mean much if no one understands what you do, how it works, and why it will transform everything.


Your product is your baby. Your service, your carefully honed craft. But how are you going to convince today's highly-competitive consumer that your product or service is worth their time, attention, and money? You're going to convince them by working with us. Together, we'll find the right words and craft an irresistible story that keeps consumers coming back for more. 

rEAL ESTATE Services

Your new building’s full of condos that need to get sold. You’ve got a capable marketing team, an energetic sales team, and an agency that kicks butt. But who has the real estate copywriting skills to create the listing, the website, and the email campaigns?


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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A sharply written site sinks its hooks into readers and refuses to let go—it engages and invites, bringing in more leads, more buzz, and more business.

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