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Sales & Marketing Copywriting


We Write. You Sell. It's That Simple.

Here’s the thing...You need copy that clamps down on the reader with the combined strength of Jaws, Cujo, and that T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

Copy that refuses to let go until the reader has taken action—bought your product...Paid for your service...Subscribed to your newsletter...

...You get the idea.

The problem is, your copy isn’t clamping down right now.

And that’s where we come iN. we're Mallard Creatives, and We're here to help.

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Areas of Expertise

At Mallard, we work with all kinds of clients and all kinds of industries, but the ones listed below are really in our wheelhouse...

Financial Writing

People take their money seriously. Very seriously. But that doesn't mean your copy needs to be sterile and uninteresting. Whether you're a lender, broker, or financial advisor, we can excite your clients with sales and marketing copy that’s engaging in the eyes of readers and compliant in the eyes of regulators.

Healthcare Writing

Healthcare is about two things—Health and Care. In this business, it’s not enough to have copy that conveys your years of experience, wealth of knowledge, or world-class facilities—you need copy that conveys your passion. Copy that suggests your care is worthy of the human condition.  

Legal Writing

Most lawyers are talented writers—they're just talented at the wrong kind of writing. The skills that helped you write those amazing case briefs in law school are useless when it comes to sales and marketing. No, our writing won't help you win over any juries, but it will help you win over wallets. 

tECH Writing

Technology changes the world, but only when it’s embraced and adopted by people. To make that happen, you can’t rely on buzzwords and feature lists. You need copy that communicates the experience of your creation (be it an app like Instagram or a service like AirBNB) in layman’s terms.


It takes more than an MLS listing to sell a property. You need a compelling website, email content, descriptive brochures, and an attention-grabbing property overview. You need high-quality copy that jumps off the page, and that helps your listing stand-apart in a competitive market.

B2C + b2b Writing

Your product is your baby. Your service? Your carefully honed craft. You know the value of what you’re offering, but does anyone else? If you want to win the hard-earned dollars of today’s consumer, you need an unambiguous value prop delivered in a compellingly resonant voice.


Make it simple. Make it memorable.
— Leo Burnett


Where is your copy struggling?

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With sales and marketing copy, time is of the essence. The instant someone starts reading your copy, your company is on the clock, and you’ve got less than three seconds to get your hooks into them. If your copy isn’t razor sharp, you—and your message—are toast. With that said, use this space to tell us a little bit more about you, your business, and where your copy is falling flat.